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Mid Devon photography

A selection of Mid Devon photos, by Devon photographer Gary Holpin Photography

This is a selection of landscape photos from Mid Devon; an area roughly north of Dartmoor in the West, Honiton in the East and not as far north as the north coast!  Although I;m a Devon photographer, I've always been mainly attracted to the coast and moors, so Mid Devon in not an area that I know well, but I'm currently trying to get to know it a little better. There are definitely some beautiful and photogenic locations out there in Mid Devon and I plan to make it my mission to find them! If you know of any that you think I really need to visit with my camera, please do let me know! 


If you'd love to see one of these photos as a fine art print on your wall, just make a note of the image reference number and head over to my print order form.  Or if you'd like to learn photography and how to take photos like these, please check out my 1-2-1 photography classes and weekend photography workshops.

Locations covered include: Halsdon, Raddon Hill, Grand Western Canal, Tiverton Canal, Culmstock Beacon, Posbury

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