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Long exposure photography

A selection of long exposure photos, by Devon photographer Gary Holpin Photography

This is a selection of long exposure photos from (mainly) Devon and the South West of England. Using longer exposures (shutter speeds longer than around 0.5 seconds up to minutes) blurs motion, especially water and clouds, and can create beautiful photographic art. One of the challenges of landscape photography is simplifying a scene in order to create a journey around the frame for the viewer; this is mainly done through the use of composition, but can be further improved using long exposures. For example, using a long exposure of a seascape flattens the waves and ripples. simplifying the scene and can help in drawing the viewers eye towards the main subject. 

If you'd love to see one of these long exposure photos as a fine art print on your wall, just make a note of the image reference number and head over to my print order form.  Or if you'd like to learn photography and how to take photos like these, please check out my 1-2-1 photography classes and weekend photography workshops.

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