On the River Dart, halfway between its source on Dartmoor and the sea, is the popular market town of Totnes. The town is built on the hillsides surrounding the Dart, and along a high street which climbs away from the river and is full of a range of independent and rather eclectic shops, cafes and art galleries which help to mirror the town's reputation for being rather alternative (in a good way!).  

Totnes is a historic town with a long history as a thriving town, with many fine buildings dating back to Norman, Medieval and Tudor times. Totnes was one of five Devon towns originally mentioned in the Domesday Book and was one of the wealthiest towns in medieval Devon.  One of the iconic Totnes buildings is the fine East Gate Tudor Arch, which spans the High Street and was once the entrance to Medieval Totnes. Nearby, set into the pavement is a granite stone known as the Brutus Stone, which legend says was the first thing the legendary explorer Brutus is said to have stepped on when he disembarked his ship and founded Britain.

High above the town is the iconic walls of Totnes Castle, a classic Normal motte and bailey castle, which has dominated the skyline of the town for over a thousand years.  

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