Torquay & Cockington

Sitting overlooking the sweep of Torbay is Torquay, the best known and largest of the seaside resorts on the South Devon coast. With its mild south-facing coastal location, Torquay has clearly been a good place to call home for a very long time,  with a flint hand-axe found in the caves of nearby Kents Cavern proving that Stone Age people were hunting and living in Torquay half a million years ago. 


Torre Abbey is the oldest building in Torquay and the oldest surviving medieval monastery in  Devon. Next to the Abbey is the fabulous medieval barn named the 'Spanish barn'. Originally built to store the Abbey's grain, the barn gained its distinctive name from the role it played during the invasion of the Spanish Armada in 1588 when Sir Francis Drake used it to hold captured prisoners from an Armada ship.

On the outskirts of Torquay is the picturesque village of Cockington, which seems worlds away from the bustling town of Torquay just a stone's throw away.  The grand Cockington Court was built on the remains of an ancient medieval court, and the village retains a small Devon village charm with its 16th-century chocolate box thatched cottages.