Ever since discovering it whilst walking the South West Coast Path, Salcombe is one of my favourite locations in the whole of Devon, and with its colourful buildings overlooking azure waters, and with beautiful sandy beaches it's not difficult to understand why! 

The Salcombe and Kingsbridge estuary is rather unusual, in that it isn't actually a river, but is instead a Ria, which is a natural river valley which has been flooded by the sea. However it was formed, it has some of the clearest and most azure waters I've ever seen in Devon.

Salcombe is a brilliant location for photography, with its colourful buildings, blue waters, sandy beaches and of course boats. Other sights to seek out include the remains of Salcombe Castle (also known as Fort Charles), built by Henry VIII to defend Salcombe, and the all-year-round ferry between Salcombe and East Portlemouth which gives a fantastic view of both the town and the estuary. 

A short walk from Salcombe along the South West Coast Path is the beautiful Bolt Head, with Starehole Bay below. Although it's very beautiful and unspoiled, the seas around Bolt Head are extremely treacherous for shipping, and the waters hide a large number of shipwrecks, 3,500-year-old Bronze Age trading ship, found in the entrance to the estuary in 2009, complete with its cargo of gold bracelets and copper and tin ingots from mainland Europe, providing some of the earliest evidence of cross channel trade.