Covid 19 and my business

A statement on Covid 19 and my business


As we enter another Covid19 lockdown in the UK, I thought I should put a out brief explanation as to why I am continuing to take photos around Devon during the pandemic. In simple terms, if I were an amateur photographer I would not do so; however, as a professional photographer, taking photos is my business and livelihood and I therefore believe that I am permitted to do so according to the Government rules (and UK law). The website states various exclusions to the stay at home ruling, including  "To go to work, or provide voluntary or charitable services, if you cannot reasonably do so from home". This is confirmed in this article in Amateur Photographer Magazine

Clearly I can't take landscape photos from home, and although I do have a small archive that I could use, not having up to date / seasonal / relevant shots to keep my social media channels up to date is likely to be highly detrimental to my business, leading to a reduction in image sales in the short term, as well as making it more difficult to re-build my business after the pandemic is over. I therefore believe the wording of the rules allows me to legitimately leave home to continue my trade of taking and selling my photography.

As some background, I gave up an office job in early 2019 in order to set up and grow a business around my passion for photography. Although it's hard growing any new business, gradually I was starting to grow a viable business around training, commercial photography for tourist attractions and image sales. However, as with many businesses, most of my business essentially stopped in March 2019 and has not yet returned. In addition to this, I am one of the many small businesses that have received no government financial help throughout the pandemic.

With tourism business currently closed, and not being able to do any face to face training, the only remaining part of my business that can currently operate is selling my images. I therefore hope you understand my decision to use the available exclusion to the lock down allowed by law, to continue to legitimately travel around Devon taking photos. In recognition of the seriousness of the situation, my trips will be limited to a couple of times a week, will be done on my own, will be at quiet times (e.g. sunrise) and I will avoid any areas which be busy with people in order to ensure my safety, and the safety of others.  

If you enjoy my work and would like to support my business, please consider buying a print. Thank you!