Clovelly is an Iconic Devon coastal village preserved in time.  The village was once owned by William The Conqueror, followed by a number of royal owners until it passed into private hands in 1242. Since then it has been owned by just 3 families over the last 800 years of its history! 

Originally a fishing village, Clovelly us made up of a cluster of traditional 16th century whitewashed cottages clinging to a steep wooded hillside overlooking the Bristol Channel. Although its scenic harbour still has a number of small fishing boats,  it’s also a major tourist attraction and over-run by tourists in the summer months - so for me as a photographer, the off-season is definitely the best time to visit.


Clovelly a location worth a visit for its iconic harbour, narrow cobbled streets, and the way that locals still use wooden sleds to transport goods through the village, sometimes pulled by donkeys – necessary because the main street is narrow and descends 120m in a short distance and so is far too steep for vehicles.

Although as a tourist arriving by car you have to pay to visit, as a Coast Path Walker you are free to walk in free of charge along the Coast Path.