A short way to the East of Exmouth and towards the western end of the Jurassic Heritage Coast is the picturesque seaside town of Budleigh Salterton. With two miles of sweeping pebbled beach, iconic red sandstone cliffs and small fishing boats pulled up to the beach where you can still buy fish straight from the sea, it feels like a timeless and classic English coastal town. Clearly J.K. Rowling was equally charmed by the place, since "Budleigh Babberton" (home of Horace Slughorn in Harry Potter) appears to have been inspired by it!.


The river Otter meets the sea at the eastern end of the beach, providing reed beds and marsh which provides an important habitat for migratory birds. A little further up the river near Otterton, a population of Beavers has been living since 2008.  Although nature to the UK, beavers went extinct in the 16th century due to hunting for their fur. Although probably from an accidental release, they are now part of a trial to monitor their impact on the environment. As a keystone species, because of their broad positive environmental impacts, it's hoped this will be the beginning of a more widespread introduction of the species.    

As a photographic location, Budleigh provided one of Devon's classic views, with the iconic treeline on the shores of the Otter providing excellent background for winter sunrise.