Brixham & Berry Head

Brixham is a hilly town based around its harbour, and traditionally a busy fishing town – which it remains today with many fishing trawlers still clustered around the working harbour. Brixham began as two separate communities – Cowtown at the top of the hill where the farmers lived, and Fishtown around the harbour where (obviously!) the fishermen lived.


Brixham is also the place where Prince William of Orange landed in 1688 after being blown off way course by a storm in the channel on his way to London to try and take the throne (there is a statue marking the spot of his arrival at the harbour). After spending the night in Brixham, he and his army marched on London to take the crown in the Glorious Revolution. Whilst researching a book about the history of Honiton last year, I discovered that the army had stopped over in Honiton to buy shoes, which meant they must have traveled right past my house on their way to London!

As a photo location, Brixham is one of my South Devon favorites, especially for the harbour where colourful houses climb up the hillside, reflected in the calm waters of the harbour at high tide. There is also the mile-long breakwater with its lighthouse at the end which makes perfect foreground for summer sunsets over Torbay. 

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