Private tuition

Take better phone photos

Better photography for businesses ( 6.5 hours including lunch & refreshments, £149)

Who is the course for?

This is a full day course taught in a small group (up to 6 people) for marketeers and business owners, to help improve their photography skills in order to strengthen the use of photography in their business.

What do you need?

An iPhone or equivalent modern smartphone with camera. 

A camera with some manual control (c

Where is it held?

At a business centre, pub or similar location in East Devon (exact location will be confirmed before the course)

What does it cover (morning session)? 

Phone camera basics

  • Taking a photo

  • Managing focus and exposure

  • Camera features

Composition & light

  • Basic composition

  • Ideas to get creative

  • It’s all about light

  • Photographing people

  • Food and macro photography

Processing & add-ons

  • Photo processing in the Photos App

  • Software add-ons

  • Physical add-ons

  • Photos for social media

What does it cover (Afternoon session)? 

Unlocking potential (yours and the camera!)

  • The exposure triangle revisited

  • Camera modes

Understanding your camera

  • On-screen information

  • The display button

  • What’s a good exposure?

  • Focus modes

  • Focus area options

  • Where to focus?

  • Other important settings

Drive modes and lenses

  • Drive modes – what they are and what they do

  • Understanding lenses and focal lengths

Adding light & creativity

  • Introduction to flash

  • Accessories

  • Editing on a PC

  • Getting creative – ideas for camera users

What's included

6.5 hours of group training

Refreshments & lunch

Handout summary of course content

To book

1. Complete the booking request form below, including your name, email address and the name of the course.

2. I will be in touch by email to agree a date for your training, and with an invoice with details and options for payment.

3. This course is run on a waiting list basis and a date will be booked when at least 3 people are booked for a course. Courses are usually held at least twice per year. 

Payment terms & cancellation policy

Full payment is requested by BACS (bank transfer) at the time of booking. Payment by card can be arranged on request.

Please note that fees are non-refundable, but can be transferred to a later course date (for up to 12 months from booking) if at least 28 days notice is given.

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